like a willow bending in the storm;

she doesnt know the word impossible,
though she's heard it a few times before,
she's never had to face it,
cause she looks for open doors.

and through those open doors,
she travels near and far,
she discovers lots of brand new things,
and keeps them in a jar.

whats in that jar?
a questions commonly asked,
its quite a mysterious happening,
very intriguging, as if its masked.

the jar is overflowing,
with very wild things,
and when she's carrying her jar,
its as if its given her wings.

for when you remove the lid,
the wildest phenomenon may occur,
everyone starts talking loud,
and no one notices her.

this is the trick of her special jar,
cause no one seems to care,
she tries to show them whats inside,
she promises its something rare.

the people always want to know,
but never listen when she tries to share,
they're too busy with their lives,
pretending like they care.

the girl is never angered by this,
she keeps this jar of hers hidden,
she's unlocked the key to all the world,
but they all think she's kiddin'.

so next time the girl tries to reveal,
whats inside that matters,
take a minute to hear her out,
or your glass jar may shatter.

its her jar of love, happiness and life,
and you have your very own,
but she's willing to give you a piece of hers,
perhaps, secrets not well known.

but for now your jar will be lacking,
if your blind to open doors,
look to find your own great things,
a search something more.

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