nothing but a navajo dream;

isekemu, slow moving water flows.
anaba, returning from her war to meet
aquene, peace.
nibaw, towering above the rest.
otu, collecting shells along the sea.
payat, he is on his way.
sanuye, red clouds at sunset giving way to
taini, a new sliver of silver in the sky.
hute, stars glisten.
wenutu, clear cloudless sky illuminated by
tawa, sun.
pillan, supreme essence.
gonda, wind that touches the skin.
helki, has been touched.
hinun, spirit of the storm.
minowa, is the singer,
iqashu, seeking.
aiyana, forever flowing.
delsin, heart pounding "he is so."
awan, another face in the crowd while
abequa, stays at home with
mojaq, crying baby new in the world.
ahanu, laughter filling the soul.
wapi, luck.
eyota, great.
inteus, proud, unashamed.
me, a story.


  1. This is great! It's a lot more than "nothing but a navajo dream;".

  2. thank you, the words are all native american names and their meanings. how could someone resist a poem like that?! (:


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