I looked to my side and found an angel;

I can see my strengths. I can see my weaknesses. I can see you. You can manipulate me. You have. You will. I, however, am not afraid of you. I never was. I was afraid of what you threatened to take from me. But you can take no more. You will not take my hope. My strength. My compassion. My faith. And certainly not my trust. You will no longer make me doubt myself. There is nothing to doubt. There is nothing left. I was opened like a book. Like a freed mind. Breaths of life were breathed into my soul again. And I was set free. You watched me love. Grow. Fly. No. You did not watch. You could have. You turned your back. You could not bear to witness. You called me mean. Insecure. Jealous. Naive. You pointed out flaws. Flaws I once believed I had. But I looked to my side and found an angel. An angel who picked me up. Who gave me wings. Who erased my scars. You saw my angel walk along my side. You saw my angel raise me higher than you could ever be on your own. You saw the angel who had given me the heavens and the stars and the planets. You saw him. And you wept.


  1. I wasn't expecting the ending, but I loved the sharpness of it. Excellent closing.


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